Cain and Abe are two brothers who, during the First World War, enlisted as British soldiers. Their duty is to kill any soldier who deserts the battlefield. Cain is a strong and tough man, with more experience as a soldier, unlike his little brother who recently joined the army. With Cain’s assistance, Abe will learn to forsake his humanity in order to carry out his job without remorse, regardless of who is at the receiving end of the rifle.


Shell shock is a 5:30 minute long war drama 2D animated short film, directed by Emilio Ramírez and produced by Andrea Pintor as their graduation short film at Escena, Escuela de Animación. Emilio and Andrea collaborated with other graduating students while being mentored by teachers over the course of two years. Shell shock concluded its production in early 2023.



Type: Short film
Title: Shell Shock
Technique: 2D animation
Genre:  War, drama
Director: Emilio Ramírez Castro
Writer: Emilio Ramírez Castro
Producer: Andrea Pintor
Running Time: 5:30 minutes
Year of production: 2023
Country: Mexico
Language: English
Target: Young adults