Cast away with his children, Lucía and Matías, on a desolate beach littered by long forgotten shipwrecks, Ricardo desperately seeks to draw the attention of shimmering lights blazing in the sky behind the thick cover of clouds. Every day moves him closer to finishing the construction of a monumental lighthouse that could lead to their rescue, but he’s grown oblivious to the deepening mistrust his own neglect has fostered in his eldest daughter, whose own plans will confront him with the difficult choice between his dreams and his children.


“Fulgores” is a 20-minutes 3D animated short film, currently being produced at Escena Animation Studio by an eclectic mix of school students and teachers. It is scheduled to be released in early 2024.



Type: Short film
Title: Fulgores
Created by: Andres Palma
Technique: 3D animation
Running Time: 20 minutes
Year of production: 2024
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish