After the mysterious shutdown of A.R.K., Ash, a young survivor, sets out to investigate the incident. While tracking a signal, Ash discovers the former Human Research Center. Unaware that NOAH is lurking in the darkness, Ash decides to venture deep into the facility. During her search, Ash falls into NOAH’s trap, losing the one thing that prevents the evolution of the human race. What started as a routine quest quickly becomes Ash’s final search, where she will learn the dreadful cost of human preservation.


“A.R.K.” is a 4-minute sci-fi 3D animated short film, directed by Braulio Martínez and produced by Olivia López as their graduation short film at Escena. Braulio and Olivia collaborated with fellow students under the guidance of teachers over the course of two years. “A.R.K.” concluded its production in early 2023.



Type: Short film
Title: A.R.K.
Technique: 3D animation
Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Braulio Martínez
Writer: Braulio Martínez
Producer: Olivia López
Running Time: 4 minutes
Year of production: 2023
Country: Mexico
Language: English
Target: Young adults