At Escena,
we shape artists

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Our graduates specialize in areas such as 2D and 3D animation, concept art, illustration, comics, and scriptwriting.


We are a school dedicated to training commercial artists who work for creative industries. Our graduates specialize in the areas of 2D and 3D animation, concept art, illustration, comic book creation, and screenwriting.


We believe that the only way to learn is by creating. That’s why our Project-Based Learning System encourages our students to participate in the production of animated shorts, video games, and comics.


Learn by doing

The Project-Based Learning System encourages our students to engage in professional projects and build their artistic portfolios while continuing their studies.

This system also motivates them to collaborate on animated short films, graphic novels, and video games.

Their artistic growth through two simultaneous paths:
  • Graduation Projects
  • Escena Animation Studio

Study and master the craft – Gain professional experience.

Through both paths, productions are created focused on artistic vision while learning to tell stories through art.

In order to graduate from our degree programs, students must devote their final year toward the creation of a project of their own, which can be an animated short film or a graphic novel.

Written, produced, directed, and executed entirely by students, they learn the artistic and professional process of production with the support of specialized teachers from various industry areas.

Escena Animation Studio was established with our artists in mind: a talent incubator where teachers and students work on industry-level short films.

A professional studio for aspiring artists

EAS invites students to experience the atmosphere and pace of a professional studio, bringing them closer to the industry’s demands under the guidance of experts.

We conceive it as a component of the Project-Based Learning System, aiming to foster accelerated professional development through direct experience in a working environment.

Short films coordinated by exceptional artists and teachers

These projects often take longer than graduation projects—years instead of months—and they have creative ambitions fully focused on the continued artistic growth of both students and teachers.

This way, we replicate a classic teaching method where apprentices develop professionally under the guidance of their instructors.


Shell Shock

El crujir de las hojas

Orfanato de estrellas

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Alas de cartón

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Beyond Space

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Matilda la tremenda

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Grizzly Man & Turnip

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WIP - Lavadora vaquera

WIP - Árido neón

WIP - Sorrow